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July 27th @ 7:00 p.m.
Hampton Inn & Suites
2423 Bushwood Dr., Aurora


Proudly representing the interests of our bargaining unit working at NICOR Gas


Local 19

IBEW Local 19 represents approximately 1400 bargaining unit employees working for NICOR Gas. Local 19 was formed in 1996 after the merging of the eight local unions that previously represented the workers of NICOR gas since 1945.

Latest News

IBEW Local 19 Election Results: (Candidates and Votes)

President/Business Manager/Financial Secretary:                   Executive Board:

Chris Harris                           444 *                                       Central Region:

                                                                                                            James Kruzel             405 *

Vice President/Recording Secretary:                                      Clerical:

Terry Haggerty                     438 *                                                   Natalia Guzman        179 *

                                                                                                            Angela King                 86

Treasurer:                                                                                            Deb Marion                 173

Alicia Hicks                             216                                          Metro Region:

Cindy Lawrence                    229 *                                                    Nate Bonzi                  114

                                                                                                            Andy Nacke               310 *

Delegates to the International Convention:                            Northern Region:

Christina Bias                          152                                                      Dan Ulbert                 408 *  

Natalia Guzman                       179                                          Southern Region:

Terry Haggerty                     316 *                                                  Walker Wells             424 *  

Alicia Hicks                             202

Mark Klinefelter                  312 *

Jim Lanzrath                           173

John 'Marty' Martinez             198

Andy Nacke                         210 *

Lisa Roscoe                         262 *

Dan Ulbert                           237 *     

Save the Date!

The Third Annual Local 19 Golf Outing

When: September 25, 2016
Where: Ruffled Feathers Golf Club

For more information contact:
Chris Harris - 630-669-1122
Dan Ulbert - 815-985-2450

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New Labor Ruling Changes the Game for Millions

“Right to Work” Laws Hurt Everyone

AFL-CIO Position: Oppose any legislation seeking to make Illinois a “Right-to-Work” state or to allow for local “Right-to-Work” zones. Oppose any legislation seeking to ban Fair Share fees in the public sector.

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